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Coping on Mother's Day When Trying to Conceive - 30 Practical Ways

By Fran Migliorati

Mother’s Day can be a huge trigger for women who are trying to conceive. If you are struggling as we approach this day, you are not alone. I see you and I feel your pain. I’ve been there too.

During a fertility journey our emotions run super high so coping on this day can feel difficult and so very painful. With that in mind, I put together 30 practical ways for anyone who wants a distraction and an escape route from this day. However, please remember that you don’t need to pretend that you are OK and that this is ‘just another day’, because it isn’t. Find things to occupy your mind with. Also, allow yourself to feel your emotions as they come in, acknowledge them and let them go. You’ve got this!

I hope these ideas will help you through this day!

Love, Fran

1. Take a day off from Social Media

2. Have breakfast in bed with a book or movie

3. Write a love letter to your partner or a loved one

4. Read a novel

5. Watch an action movie. Here is a Netflix list of action movies:

6. Do some journaling. Here are 50 journaling prompts for fertility:

7. Practice a self-love meditation. Here is an example:

8. Buy bunches of flowers and make your own flower arrangement

9. Give yourself permission to skip church today (if you normally attend church)

10. Do something creative like painting or drawing

11. Have a warm, long and relaxing bath or shower with essential oils, salt and candles

12. Cook (or order) something special that you like

13. Build a beautiful jigsaw puzzle (set yourself a challenge with a 1,000 pieces one)

14. Tidy up a room making it cozy or a special place of your home

15. Start a free self-development course on Here is an example:

16. Take a free cooking class on Skillshare:

17. Learn about nutrition and wellbeing for free on:

18. Learn about Buddhism on:

19. Make pickles with this very simple recipe:

23. Have a yoga class for blood circulation (for uterine lining improvement):

24. Watch a TED Talk about emotional agility (one of my favourite TED Talks):

25. Take the emotional agility quiz on:

28. Learn effective problem-solving and decision-making skills:

30. Learn 50 interesting facts that probably you didn’t know:

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