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Homecoming is a 6-week 1:1 coaching programme* focused on healing and coping. This unique programme is for women who are trying to conceive and no longer feel like themselves. 

This is a 6-week journey where you will re-connect with your body, heal your mind and re-gain happiness and joy whilst trying to conceive.  

Homecoming is about embracing the many parts of yourself and feeling whole with cracks and all. It is also about removing and healing from emotional barriers that come with loss and months of trying to conceive.

Fertility struggles can rob you of the feeling that you are in charge of your life. Neuroscience has shown that going inwards, becoming aware of your inner self, is the only way to change how you feel.

This is a collaborative process, together, we’ll discover why you think what you think and do what you do in order to strengthen your connection to yourself, increase your confidence and contentedness in your life and pave a pathway to feeling in control of your fertility journey.

Homecoming is about owning yourself and your journey.

*Limited spaces available 

Purpose of Homecoming

Healing: Explore, understand and resolve issues arising from fertility struggles

Coping: Identify and learn ways of dealing with fertility stressors more effectively

This is for you if

◊You want to feel you again

◊You want to shift negative thinking  

◊You want to feel calm and grounded

◊You want to embrace all parts of your journey

◊You want to be able to better handle triggers

◊You want to be able to heal from emotional blocks

◊You want to heal and strengthen your relationship with your body

◊You want to be able to take control over your life and how you feel

◊You want to learn about emotions and build emotional capacity and protection

◊You want to learn coping mechanisms that are effective and make you feel empowered

Common Issues Addressed

◊Identity loss

◊Body image

◊Lack of clarity

◊Body awareness

◊Emotional blocks

◊Unhealthy coping patterns

◊Why you think what you think

◊Lack of autonomy and control

◊Identifying what your mind and body need right now



◊Set boundaries

◊Trust your body

◊Advocate for your needs

◊Awareness of key stressors

◊Feel worthy of what you desire

◊Better quality of life whilst TTC

◊Let go of what you can’t control

◊Feel safe in your own body and mind

◊Strategies to manage stress response

◊Minimise and manage fertility distress

◊Recognize, express and manage emotions

Homecoming is an investment in your wellbeing for life because the skills you will learn will help you deal with all future life adversities and difficult moments. In addition, you will learn about yourself, your emotions and your needs. With the transformation you will achieve with Homecoming you will become a better person, you will embrace all parts of yourself and you will feel in control of your life and of your fertility journey.

What is included

Homecoming includes 6 x 1:1 sessions, email support throughout the 6 weeks and all the extra materials provided (relaxation audio files, visualization audio files, workbooks, an affirmations deck, and more).

Financial investment

Homecoming is currently valued at £650 

Payment plan option: 2 x £350

*Limited spaces are available at the moment*

I know that your most important asset right now is TIME, so email me: and let’s get started.


I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have, simply get in touch with your question or connect via Instagram, and let’s chat.


I look forward to helping and supporting you in your fertility journey!


Love, Fran 

Frequently asked questions

How long is each session?

Sessions are typically 60 minutes. Depending on what we are working on, sessions may last up to 90 minutes. 

How frequent are sessions? 

I suggest weekly sessions to ensure you fully benefit from the programme. All sessions are booked in advance. 

Do you offer online sessions?

All my coaching sessions are held online. You will receive a secure and unique link to your sessions. 

What will I need for the first session?

As soon as you enroll you will receive a Welcome Pack including instructions for our first session. 

Are sessions recorded? 

Sessions can be recorded if you want. If that is the case, after each session you will receive a link to the recording.  

Can I cancel if I don't see the benefits? 

Although this has never happened, you can cancel by giving 7 days' notice and you will be refunded for any sessions that have not been provided. 

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