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Find Peace in Your Fertility Journey

12-week mindset transformation programme

This programme is for women who are dealing with fertility issues, who consider themselves to be doing reasonably ok, but want to learn how to feel and function even better during their fertility journey.

For women who: 

- Feel isolated and find it hard to get support

- Want to learn techniques and tools that will help them deal with adversity for the rest of their lives

- Want to feel like themselves again

- Feel anxious and in pain  

- Feel like they have tried everything to feel better

- Lost confidence in their abilities to get pregnant

- Feel insecure about what’s next in their journey

- Don’t know how to deal with the unknowns and the uncertainties

- Want to release negative energy and re-balance their energy

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At the end of the programme you will

At the end of the programme you will feel confident and empowered. You will have plenty of practical coping tools and mechanisms to help you feel better. You will feel fully aligned with your identity. You will have a new perspective in life and, ultimately, feel in peace with your fertility journey.


You will be in control, guiding and living your own story.

It really can help...

  • Infertility related anxiety and rumination

  • Self-doubt, self-criticism and self-worth

  • Comparison, guilt and shame

  • Isolation and lack of understanding from others

  • Fears and limiting beliefs

  • Reacting to triggers

  • Feeling stuck

  • Surviving the Two Week Wait

  • Fertility treatment anxiety

  • Releasing negative energy

  • Disconnection from your feminine energy

  • Miscarriage and grief support

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Early pregnancy anxiety and fears

What to expect

Coaching sessions provide a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to work through distressing emotions, thoughts and struggles.

My coaching has a collaborative approach. This is something I value and embrace in my work. Together, we’ll figure out what’s keeping you stuck, and then come up with an individualised evidence-based plan to help you move forward, which you can use for the rest of your life.  


I’m a big believer that the value of coaching comes, not just from the insights you discover in each session, but from integrating what you learn into your everyday life. You’ll leave each session with a “toolbox” of strategies to help you stay on track, move forward with your life and successfully navigate the ups and downs of your fertility journey.  

My commitment is to provide you with: 

  • A safe space to talk/process/cry/vent – whatever you need

  • Discovery of new insights about yourself, the world around you and your fertility journey

  • Transformation to the way you feel, think and behave

  • A plan to maintain your progress and overcome future setbacks

What is included

- 12 x weekly one on one coaching sessions with me via Zoom

- Email support throughout the 12 weeks 

- 3 meditation audios (5 minutes re-set, limiting beliefs, feminine energy)

- Visualisation audios

- 50 fertility affirmations

- Gentle morning exercise video by Bessy Naidu PT

- Daily Ritual worksheet

- Breath Work toolbox


During our programme you will receive weekly exercises to be done at your own time to further explore the topics discussed during each session, along with supporting learning materials. 

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You can also read a little more about me and my own fertility journey here, or take a look at the different fertility coaching services I offer to wonderful women like you.

Also, I offer a free 30 minutes chat to anyone interested in finding out more about my services, you can book it by going to my booking page.

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