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Cute Notebooks

Session Fees

Find Peace in Your Fertility Journey

12-week mindset transformation package 


IVF Mindset Re-set

4 individual sessions package 


All prices are in GBP

Frequently asked questions

How long is each session?

Sessions are typically 60 minutes. Depending on what we are working on, sessions may last up to 90 minutes. 

How frequent are sessions? 

I suggest weekly sessions to ensure you fully benefit from the programme. All sessions are booked in advance. 

Do you offer online sessions?

All my coaching sessions are held online. You will receive a secure and unique link to your sessions. 

What will I need for the first session?

As soon as you enroll you will receive a Welcome Pack including instructions for our first session. 

Are sessions recorded? 

Sessions can be recorded if you want. If that is the case, after each session you will receive a link to the recording.  

Can I cancel if I don't see the benefits? 

Although this has never happened, you can cancel by giving 7 days' notice and you will be refunded for any sessions that have not been provided. 

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